Esperance has over 140 islands in the Recherché Archipelago and subsequently many wonderful dive sites to choose from. The islands are washed by crystal clear turquoise water.

These granite intrusions provide large caves, boulders and swim-throughs for the diver to explore. The temperate water is the perfect environment for the prolific growth of colourful soft corals and sponges. These line the caves and boulders and the array of colour is breath taking. Esperance is also blessed with areas of hard coral. This is usually in the form of plate coral and is always teeming with tiny colourful fish.

The Esperance water is home to many species of fish. Some of the more common species seen on a dive include groper, red snapper, harlequin fish, sweep, queen snapper, cuttlefish, wrasse, break-sea cod, blue devils to mention a few! .

Esperance is also the home of the famous Southern fighting crayfish and abalone. Divers can take these. There are bag and size limits and of course you must have a licence.


Shore Diving – Esperance can offer you many shore dives. Information on all of these is available at the shop. The town Jetty would have to be one of the more spectacular with leafy sea-dragons, schools of Old Wives and a large variety of nudibranchs. The Jetty pylons are covered with soft corals, telestos and gorgonia.

Access to the jetty dive site is unfortunately difficult due to its closure for repairs. Divers will need to enter the water via the beach on the North Eastern side of the jetty and then snorkel the length of the jetty. Once they reach the end of the jetty they can make their descent and begin their dive through the artificial reef. The dive begins in approximately 12m and reaches a maximum of 12m.

Experienced Dive Guides – An experienced dive guide that specialises in locating Leafy Sea Dragons can be booked at anytime. The bookings do need to be made in advance. Please contact us via email  

Wreck Diving – The SANKO HARVEST February 14, 1991 saw the Sanko Harvest floundering on a reef some 21 nautical miles from the Esperance Port. What was originally seen as an environmental disaster turned out to be a major windfall for the diving fraternity. The second largest wreck dive in the world and the largest off the Australian coast this 174 metre long Japanese Bulk Carrier now acts as host to a vast array of marine creatures.

The ocean has taken its toll and the wreck has divided into three sections. The depths vary between 18 and 44 metres of water. Officially declared a marine sanctuary in 1994 the wreck acts as a safe haven for the large blue groper and red snapper that inhabit the twisted remains. It is not uncommon to have a visit from an inquisitive seal or dolphin. Esperance Diving & Fishing has been operating out of Esperance since 1983 and exploring the wreck from day one. We are more than qualified to show you the wonderful dive sites that Esperance has to offer.
Bookings are essential for the wreck dive as distance and weather are major factors.

Wreck Diving – The LAPWING. The wreck of the ‘Lapwing’ This is also a lovely wreck dive. This 32 foot wooden hulled fishing vessel lies in 32 metres of water in the lee of Long Island completely intact. The vessel is covered in soft coral and sponge growth and is the delight to any discerning diver. The Esperance Dive Club in conjunction with L.E.A.P built an artificial reef of tyre modules at the end of the Tanker Jetty. This is a wonderful shore dive, which is accessible to everyone. It has been declared a `no fishing ` zone by the Fisheries Department and has proven to be a breeding ground to many varieties of fish. The rare Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragons also inhabit this area along with seals. This is a very popular dive site for underwater photographers.

There is an abundance of dolphins in the Esperance waters and in season Southern Right and Humpback Whales enjoy the calm of the many Esperance bays. Divers are sometimes lucky to view these magnificent creatures underwater.

Esperance is rated as one of the ten best dive locations in Australia with all of the above, it is no wonder!


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